Player Aids in Tabletop Simulator

Why have a player aid? Standard playing card sized player aid. Note that we've recycled some Frosthaven statuses for prototyping! Over the years we’ve written full rules for Legends of the Arena (and done blind playtesting with them as well), but for most playtests - where the goal is to figure out if a mechanic or component is fun - it isn’t time efficient to force players to read the rules first. [Read More]

Prototyping on Tabletop Simulator using Squib

Introduction An early playtest on Tabletop Simulator using cards generated by Squib If you are interested in making a boardgame that involves cards (or a cardgame without a board at all), you’ve come to the right place! Even if your game doesn’t use standard-sized playing cards, it might have character sheets, player mats, or other significant components with ever-changing text. If you’ve already started making your game, you’ve probably found it can be frustrating to constantly update your cards as your game evolves. [Read More]