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Toth Games is a joint project by Brian and Michael Toth to build fun games with minimal downtime, exciting mechanics, and rock-solid balance. We are two brothers who have played thousands of games together, from Candy Land to Age of Empires. Though we have years of experience in competitive gaming, these days you are more likely to find us in a collaborative campaign setting like Frosthaven or at a local Magic: The Gathering prelease in a two-headed giant event. We hope to distill the moments that have brought us the most joy in all of these games and create something truly novel for your table.
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We began our first game design, Legends of the Arena, in late 2017. We wanted to bring the intensity of team fights in digital games to the tabletop. We’re big fans of simultaneous play, strong connections between theme and mechanics, and games that everyone wants to play until the very end. We’ve learned a tremendous amount about games along the way, especially from veteran designers who have offered their expertise. We are writing about our experiences in our blog to help others in their game design journeys.

Brian Toth
Brian tends to think of games as systems and especially appreciates elegant designs that hold up to repeated play. Some of Brian’s favorite games are Battle Galactica, Total War: Warhammer, and Star Realms. Outside of gaming Brian enjoys spending time with his partner and their two sons, running, smoking meats, and brewing beer.

Michael Toth
Michael prefers games with high player agency and that become increasingly engaging over time like Spirit Island and Dune Imperium. When not playing games, Michael prefers to be outside: on a beach or up a mountain.

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