Outplay your opponents in epic team duels

2v2 game setup

Prototype set up for a 2v2 game. Images and names are placeholders during testing.

Legends of the Arena brings the excitement of MOBA team duels, hero shooters, and fighting games to the tabletop. Each player takes on the role of a unique Legend dueling in a dynamic arena. As a team, coordinate your unique abilities to develop a strategy and anticipate your opponents' moves. No matter how far ahead or behind, you can always find a path to victory by outplaying the other team. Experience the thrill of perfectly reading your opponents' plan in a fast-paced board game.

Key stats

  • 2-6 players
  • 10-40 minutes
  • Ages 12+

Epic team duels

  • Evokes fighting games, MOBAs, and hero shooters
  • Every team composition has unique strengths
  • No player is eliminated until the game is over

Exciting combat with diverse counters

  • Simultaneous card selection keeps all players in the action
  • Combat simulates dynamic, uncertain fights. Will your opponent charge or retreat? Feint or strike?
  • No randomness in combat - you must anticipate the opponents' intentions to outplay them
Example prototype card

Example cards. Images and names are placeholders during testing.

Deeply asymmetric characters

  • Each character has unique cards and special abilities
  • Balanced matchups: every character or team can hold their own
  • Familiar classes like tank, summoner, and monk are represented in addition to novel archetypes

Each space on the board alters the game

  • When a Legend enters a board space, turn it face up to discover unique effects
  • Incredible replay - hundreds of thousands of possible boards

Designed by people, balanced by AI

  • Hundreds of hours of playtesting at meetups and conventions
  • AI agents analyze matchups to prevent dominant strategies and unwinnable scenarios
Dominant strategies automatically detected

Automatically detected balance issues.

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